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10+ years experience in professional Product, UI/UX, Web & Graphic Design. Black belt in Adobe Photoshop, Sketch. Red belt in InVision. Purple belt in CSS & xHTML. BA in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy. I thrive on problem-solving. Tenacious and inquisitive. Emphatically detail orientated; a cold-hearted perfectionist. Firm believer in doing it right or not doing it at all. Deeply fascinated and drawn to art in all its forms (it's in my DNA), from digital to industrial design. Registered Apple fanboy (reg #4758381).

I began my art career from the age of 5, where most of my playtime was spent looking down at a piece of paper with pencil in hand. This hobby would follow me to elementary school where I would frequently spend my lunches drawing instead of playing outside. In grade 7, my sketch of the school I attended found its way to the top of its official template.
In junior high and high school, I began experimenting with ink, paint, clay (watercolor and oil-based) and plasticine. My passion for all types of artistic mediums began to flourish.
Shortly after graduation, I became the proud owner of my very own PC. I became enamored with Adobe Photoshop where I began crafting UIs, web sites and icons.
I left Windows for greener pastures and made Gentoo my Linux distro of choice, where its performance, security and friendly open source nature gave me the opportunity to make far more alterations to its appearance than Windows ever could. I elected to run KDE from the onset, where I had made several design changes to various UI components that were eventually picked up and rolled into release. Shortly after, GNOME caught my eye. I began theming parts of the GTK engine, expanding on the default GTK icon set and even expanded out to applications such as GIMP (where I am still listed as an artwork contributor).
During this time, I began university, pursuing my love of design in a rather unconventional way: I enrolled in psychology. After a lengthy discussion with one of my first year professors, I elected to delve into the human mind in hopes of better understanding the intersect between man and machine. Steve Jobs had always talked about the cross-roads between humanity and technology. I tailored my degree towards cognition and perception (rather than clinical) taking as many human-factor’s related classes as the school offered.
The iPhone 3G became available in Canada during my second year. That set me on the path to begin theming Home Screen icons (and various OS assets) afforded by jailbreaking. This gave birth to JAKU, a critically acclaimed theme for iOS, and to date, still remains my proudest bit of work.
These days, I continue to pursue my passions by refining UX, designing UI and forever trying to hone and expand my skill set.

product design


Twitch is a global community of millions who come together each day to create their own entertainment: unique, live, unpredictable, never-to-be repeated experiences created by the magical interactions of the many. With chat built into every stream, you don’t just watch on Twitch, you’re a part of the show.

twitch main view twitch discover view nightmode
twitch cover art

Past meets present. Design has long abandoned skeuomorphism in favor of simpler, less baroque design language. Combining the two creates both a sense of whimsy without abandoning the modern feel.

·      ·      ·

Flip the switch. Ambient lighting greatly affects readability and eye strain. A day and night mode alleviate the discomfort of blinding white in a dark room.

twitch game view nightmode twitch game view

Featuring support for all Apple Products, from iPhone to iPad (including multitasking). The UI uses translucency and blurring to invoke depth while removing separators for an unabashed, clean design.

·      ·      ·

Increased monetization using referral links. The submenu provides a way to connect to publishers and retailers to increase Twitch revenue while providing the viewer a convenient way to "preview" a game before purchase.

twitch submenu
twitch main view twitch game view nightmode
twitch icons

Seizing the opportunity to develop a concrete personality using iconography.

·      ·      ·

Each new platform provides opportunity to grow the brand. Distinct icons with solid roots in gaming tropes provides a whimsical way to engage and delight the viewer.

weather up

Weather Up is your window into current weather conditions. See layers of weather info right on the map, with forecast data available at a glance.
The list lets you quickly check the weather in all your favorite locations.

weather up onboarding weather up 10 day forecase weather up 10 day forecast nightmode
weather up app icons

Weather Up's philosophy is to provide a highly customizable experience. Weather Themes, App Icons and a Night Mode greatly enhance the user experience.

·      ·      ·

Seven robust Weather Themes were developed, styled across modernism, skeuomorphism and even the 8bit console games of the early 90's.

weather up upsell weather up listview darkmode weather up listview

A handful of alternate App Icons.

alternate app icons


Zerenity helps you relax and focus your mind. The modern world—a constant state of hyper-connectivity—seems to breed stress and anxiety. Find time to relax and cultivate mental health.

zerenity ocean zerenity soundboard zerenity main ui

image design

images & app icons

Image design from various projects, ranging from freelance to concept work.

  • casette
  • burger
  • kuro toga
  • iphone 2g
  • nextcube
  • braun fs80
  • imessage stickers
  • mos for macos icon
  • iina icon
  • sip color picker icon
  • obs icon

web design


In an alternate universe, Steve Jobs is very much alive and healthy. Apple fell with Sculley in the '90s, while NeXT skyrocketed to dominance. In 2019, NeXT would release their long awaited pro computer.


The new nextcube3 is undeniably the most power computer sold to consumers with a full range of customization and a performance ceiling that left its rivals in the dust.

froc training

Froc Training is the premiere fitness and lifestyle coaching in Metro Vancouver, where hard science meets spiritual wisdom.

froc training froc training

vintage design


Born from the love of intricacy and precision, the Jaku icon theme (for jailbroken iOS devices) was fueled by my passion to not only create a uniform Home Screen, but to also craft an icon set brimming with depth and detail.

·      ·      ·

It was officially released to the Cydia Store in 2010, to immense critical acclaim.

jaku icon theme

Jaku began as a theme exclusively for the iPhone, making use of its revolutionary Retina display. To keep tight control over quality (and pixel perfection), it was never officially ported to any other device (which would have destroyed the 1:1 pixel ratio).

·      ·      ·

As Apple updated its iPad product line with equally stunning displays, work began on an iPad version which would expand on the original version thanks to the increased real estate provided by the tablet. To create a product worthy of Apple's magical devices, every icon was redrawn for the larger canvass and in most cases, packed with even more detail.

jaku icon theme

Officially retired in 2015, Jaku lives on in the hearts of the theming community.

·      ·      ·

At the time of retirement, it had amassed more than 300 originally crafted icons for the iPhone version alone. It would also give rise to one of the most diligent and arugably largest communities going so far as building and maintaining their own repository to share Jaku related content.


Interface design for mame4ios controls featuring 8-way full step animation for the controller and release and on-press states for the buttons using a vintage style, skeuomorphic design language.

mame4ios ui

mame4ios is a port of MAME 0.139u1 for iOS and tvOS.